Details: CD + mengpaneel (Randy)

Type: Geluid
Naam: CD + mengpaneel (Randy)
Omschrijving: CD + mengpaneel

Master Audio DJ-TOOL

Master Audio DJ Mixer 6 ch
Master Audio DJ Mixer, 8 Lijningangen (RCA),
3 phono ingangen (RCA), 6 microfoon

Dennon DN-1800F

Employment of FL tube display
Jog shuttle wheel
Digital Out
A Playback mode selection button (SINGLE/CONT)
Simple shock-proof function
Sleep Function
The elapsed time position of the track is displayed as the current playback position using 10-segment bar
Instant start
Pitch Bend (Buttons: +/-32%, Jog Wheel: +/-32%)
Time button
Pitch (%) display
Variable pitch range of *} 10%
Power switch guard
Auto disc holder close system
Jog Plat
Player unit:482 (W) x 88 (H) x 282 (D) mm
Remote control unit:482 (W) x 88 (H) x 80 (D) mm
Player unit: 4.0 kg
Remote control unit: 2.0 kg
Aantal: 1
Waarborg: 0.00
prijs per dag: 5.00
prijs per week: 20
Aantal stuks in herstelling: 0 van de 1